Fine Arts Programs


Pantomime! Games! Creativity! These are all aspects of the drama program here at Bethune. Children in drama receive several opportunities per class period to perform in front of their peers, which leads to higher self-esteem, higher self confidence, and feeling comfortable speaking in front of people. Costumes are provided and used to help foster character development and assist in building improvisational skills. Games we play inject students with the understanding of the value of team work and collaboration. All in all, drama is a class for any child!


Our goal is to inspire young performers to have a greater appreciation of the performing arts through a series of dance classes and educational activities. Dance classes are open to both girls and boys, and they consist of instruction in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, and Choreography. Students learn about dance history as well as different cultures and their dances. They also have the opportunity to perform on stage and experience what it is like to have an audience with lights and costumes. The kids really enjoy their performances! Each child is required to dress in proper dance attire for class; it is also mandatory in order to participate in the program. So how do you get in? Students who attended dance class at Anderson Academy are automatically selected to continue in the dance program at Bethune. Students wishing to join the program will need to sign up at the beginning of the school year, and they will be chosen based on a lottery system. Bethune Dance is dedicated to making every dance student a better dancer as well as to make it a positive and wonderful experience for them while they are at Bethune.​


Bethune Academy's string program is a very fun and upbeat experience which consists of two teachers, Chaiwat Rodsuwan and Sarah Lee. Students learn how to read music notes, clap and play rhythms, perform with a group, and learn responsibility by caring for their instrument. String students are involved in all the major productions at Bethune Academy including the Christmas program, Black History Month program, Cinco de Mayo, and Spring Recital. String students are also asked to perform for any special guests and other programs in the Aldine
school district.


The general music program at Bethune Academy has much to offer our students. Students are given many opportunities to learn and realize their musical abilities in activities that include singing, Show Choir, playing instrumental accompaniments on rhythm instruments and Orff instruments, piano practice, composing, and dance.  Students become familiar with orchestral instruments and music through ear training, movement, and creative dance.  Musical styles and cultures from different periods of history are experienced through an examination of instrumentation and historical setting.  The general music program at Bethune Academy certainly has much to offer every student we serve.

Visual Arts

The assessment of student progress is based on mastery of the TEKS Objectives for Visual Arts. Students are required to assemble portfolios, which is the first project. The purposes of the portfolios are to store two-dimensional projects as well as written assignments. Written assignments are integration opportunities for students to make connections with art and core subjects. Those assignments may include, but are not limited to warm-ups, vocabulary, artist critiques, and reflections. Students also use portfolios as a resource guide to studying, learning, and understanding the Art Elements and Design Principles. Students receive a letter grade of E (excellent), S (satisfactory), N (needs improvement), or U (unsatisfactory) based on their in class participation and effort in completion of projects. Students are taught the creative process by first sketching for planning purposes and drawing practice. Next, the sketch is used to design a final product. These stages are synonymous to the writing process of brainstorming, prewriting, and generating a rough draft into a completed composition. Throughout the creative process students are developing high order thinking skills by making evaluative decisions and justifying their choices based on the criteria of each project. Additional skills that are influenced and supported through the creative process are visual memory, the ability to recognize and elaborate on similarities and differences, making inferences, problem solving, and testing hypotheses. Reinforcing these methods in visual arts offers students the opportunity to transfer knowledge and skills from art to all other subject areas, which is another benefit of integrating art with core subjects. Moreover, developing these skills along with research based instructional strategies and techniques will overall increase student achievement for students to become critical thinkers and problem solvers.


Our goal this year is to enhance each child's physical condition and make them aware of healthy lifestyles. We want each child to feel successful in Physical Education and Health and provide a safe environment for students to participate. We will teach students to be encouraging to one another! We are not all athletes, but we ALL need to become more active and have healthy bodies.